The Presence Group proudly presents the third EWC Bootcamp session of the Presence EWC Academy, which will be held in Brussels on 9 September 2014 at the Van Der Valk Airport hotel

The EWC as a tool for internal branding

Who should attend:
  • Managers dealing with European Works Councils (EWCs)
Why should you attend:
  • To experience which training can really benefit the operation of EWCs
  • To discover how to make your EWC meaningful TODAY
  • To be in tune with new EWC developments
  • To compare EWC practices with peers
  • To be informed on trade union co-ordination practices involving EWCs

Bootcamp sessions organized by The Presence Academy are intense and hands-on, and aim to give participants immediate and relevant handles that can be used as soon as the session is over.

It is fair to say that it is “no walk in the park”, but we promise that it will certainly be worth the effort!

In a day, you will learn what normally would take months to put in practice and as an attendee, you will be a member of a community that can provide you with much needed support in your business practice.

Value does not stop when you leave the session:

The Presence Academy on is about continuously co-creating new opportunities with all stakeholders.
We look forward to welcoming you in Brussels.
Kind regards

The Presence Group Team